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Multimodal transportation

What is the multimodal transportation?

Multimodal transportation is combined freight service that is realized by means of different modes of transport: railway, auto, sea, avia.

Let's suppose you need to send cargo from Ukraine to the USA, from China to Russia, from Great Britain to Turkey, etc. Such transportation can include set of steps where different modes of transport can be involved. Our successful practice helps us to offer the client the most optimum, cheapest and fastest way of cargo delivery. It requires some doings to define it.

To send cargo to the port by car or rail carriage?

To charter a ship or to organize repacking and transshipment in universal sea container?

To unload the cargo from the container in the port and transport further by the car or to ship the container on the car and to go further?

Or perhaps it is more profitable to cumulate the cargo in the port of destination and send in by rail carriages?

Every day we calculate thousands of variants in organisation of multimodal transportations all over the world. And to make the only one right decision in planning of transport shipment scheme, to meet deadlines and conditions of transportation - it is our advantage that is esteemed by our Clients who trust us the organisation of their cargo shipment!

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